Do homebrewer pitches require a starter?

No. Our homebrew pitches are fresh and highly viable with over 200 billion cells. Simply pitch straight into the wort. 


Is all yeast tested before been sent?

Yes we qPCR all our yeast to check for infection first.


How do I get a price for a commercial yeast pitch?

Find your desired strain on our website and request a quote. Please include your brewery date, tank size (HL), Gravity & landing date. (allow 2/3 days before brewing date) 


How long is delivery?

Domestic orders are 2 day from shipment. For the UK shipment will take 2/3 working days. Please note yeast pitches for the UK ordered on Thursday or Friday will be sent on Monday as we cannot guarantee delivery over the weekend. 


Do you accept credit and debit card payments?

Yes, we accept all major payment methods.


Can I open an account for future purchases?

Yes, an option will be presented to you at checkout to create an account. 


Can you grow my custom strain?

Yes of course. Please go our custom yeast pitches page and request a quote. Please include your brewery name, the strain you wish to have propagated, pitch size (HL) and your desired landing date. 


What is the shelf life of a WHC homebrew yeast pitch?

Our homebrew pitches have a three-month shelf life to ensure the yeast your using is fresh! If your pitch is over two months old, we recommend using a starter to help ensure a successful fermentation. 


How do I store my yeast pitch?

We strongly recommend storing your yeast in a refrigerator (0-4°C) to maintain healthy yeast and its designed three-month shelf life.



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